Eat Your Landlord

(The Garage, Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington)

Presented by Long Cloud Youth Theatre

Eat Your Landlord is a celebration of how shit it is to live in Wellington as a young person. You already know the rent costs the whole paycheck, and the places we live are yellow-stickered grotty caves, or the family nest in deep Karori, Porirua or up The Hutt. We are talking mould armies and god landlords, religious experiences late at night at J&M’s, hacking a rat to death in the kitchen because it ate the pet pigeon. We are a company of 18-23 year olds and this is our physical theatre brain-child. It’s equal parts love letter and ransom note to the places we reluctantly call home.

Te Auaha – The Garage

May 25th – 29th 7pm

All tickets $15

Content warning: Very Strong Language.

Landlord image