3 Monkeys

(Tapere Nui, Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street, Wellington)

Second chance to see this award winning show - nominated for Best in Fringe 2021!

7pm 22nd, 23rd & 24th April 2021

The 3 Japanese monkeys MIZARU (See no evil), KIKAZARU (Hear no evil) & IWAZARU (Speak no evil) hold strong throughout history as representations of a life spent resisting the temptations of evil. A lesson that we try to teach our children from birth. Why is this? Is a life free from evil then in turn a life spent in freedom? Throughout this work the collective considers and explores the pursuit of freedom from specific evils. Freedom from addiction, broken love and the struggle toward success. The questions hangs unanswered in the air. Is freedom, in a world full of evil, even partially attainable?

“Dark, Pessimistic, Desperate striving and failing... The agony of human endeavour... A work for our time, staged and danced with absolute  commitment.” 

— Deidre Tarrant 2021 Review

“Seamless movement, intention and vision. Just Art, art, art”  – Taylor Smith 2020 Audience member

3 Monkeys was produced and directed by Thomas Laybourn while also co produced and scored by artist/producer LANCE to be performed in 2020. Through a continuing collaboration with LANCE; 3 Monkeys was then developed, elongated and re released for the 2021 Wellington fringe festival. Thanks to the support of Te Auaha, The Fringe festival NZ and Havana bar Wellington. After a very successful 2021 season, winning an award for ‘outstanding ensemble performance’ and being nominated for others such as ‘best in fringe’, ‘grand design’ and ‘momentous movement’ 3 Monkeys returns again to Tapere Nui for a second season of the full length work. 


3 monkeys